Say Hello to Your Pelvic Floor

about one-in-four women have pelvic floor dysfunction

Raise you hand tall if you have ever thought about your pelvic floor!


If you raised your hand you are part of a very, very, small population of people or you are you are already part of the pelvic floor care world.


All of us women go through life without thinking much of our pelvic floors. We just assume that the primary function of the pelvic floor is our trips to the bathroom throughout the day.


But what is the pelvic floor and does it need to be trained just as much as the rest of our bodies?


Our pelvic floors are a combination of many groups of muscles that make up the bottom of your trunk. These groups of muscles are involved in bladder function, bowel movements, and sexual function to label the top three. The pelvic floor is also involved in breathing, squatting, jumping, running and many other activities during your day. Your pelvic floor supports so many different roles in the body that we take for granted and nobody stops to thank their pelvic floor for supporting them every day.


Imagine a bowl at the bottom of your pelvis that is helping to hold up all your internal organs.

Your pelvic floor muscles are those muscles supporting this bowl.


If you are experiencing increased pressure on the pelvic floor with lifting or running and experience increased bladder symptoms reach out to a pelvic floor physical therapist for more one-on-one guidance to address your symptoms early and effectively. 

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